Law Enforcement Careers

FBI Agents: The FBI uses different intelligences to protect the country from threats in addition to bringing justice to those who decide to break the law. However, despite the fact that the currently employee almost 35,000 people they still say that they desperately need to hire new special agents to help them with their various missions. Some of the job openings that they have available include, but are not limited to, intelligence analysts, language specialists, information technology specialists, and scientists.


Police Officers: Police officers work in collaboration with the public when it comes to reducing the amount of crime that takes place. However, since the crime has been increasing lately they are also in need of more help. To help them get the help that they need they are offering great pay and benefits in hopes to attract more people to this line of work. To have the best opportunity of being considered for the job one should have training when it comes to police science or military police experience.

US MarshallsU.S. Marshalls are the main law enforcement organization that is used to capture federal fugitives. They are known for having some of the most unique and exciting duties given to them than any of the other law enforcement agencies. To be accepted into this field one must have the proper qualifications as well as be able to handle a variety of different law enforcement and administrative responsibilities.

Forensic Scientists: Forensic scientists are known for using the latest scientific techniques to examine evidence and come up with leads in both civil and criminal cases. They may use things such as DNA analysis as well as firearm examinations. Since technology is always advancing the need for forensic scientists is always going to be in demand.

State Troopers: State troopers are often called highway officers because they are the officers who make sure that citizens do not break the motor vehicle laws when they are on the highways. Currently, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Nevada, North Carolina, and Georgia are in desperate need of state troopers. This is because a lot of them are retiring and budgets cuts are being made not to mention the fact that the educational standards have also risen.

Customs Agents: Customs Agents work with CBP to insure that terrorists and their weapons do not make it into the country. Additionally, they also govern international trades. Currently, they have more than 41,000 employee but they still need more to insure that all of the nation’s borders are protected.

Secret Service Agents: The Secret Service Agency is one of the law enforcement fields that have been around for the longest. They are the people who are in charge of making sure that important country officials are safe such as the President and the Vice President. However, to even be considered for this position one has to be very qualified yet diverse backgrounds are acceptable.

Game Wardens: Fish and game wardens are the ones who enforce all of the wildlife laws. They have the duties of patrolling hunting and fishing areas, conducting search and rescues, doing undercover operations, and reporting the conditions of various fish and wildlife. Not to mention the fact that they have to monitor seasonal workers, investigate any complaints and accidents, and help prosecute some court cases. Additionally, since many workers are retiring new job openings have become available.